ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM & the entire collection of UNCORKED GAMES!

Created by Lars Thorn

Explore the entire collection of UNCORKED GAMES! Including the 5th successful Kickstarter game ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM!, ICE CREAM EMPIRE!, WHISKEY BUSINESS!, BREW HA HA! & READ BETWEEN THE WINES! This are historically great deals so that you can do all of your holiday shopping for all of your friends and family and the first 4 UNCORKED GAMES! ship out right away and you should get your games within a week!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Beloved Backers!
4 months ago – Thu, Dec 24, 2020 at 10:02:29 PM

Cheers to the Holidays and I hope that you are all staying safe and celebrating the season as best we can during these crazy times! I hope that ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! brings your family some joy in playing together (even if it is at a safe distance over Zoom)! Mostly, I wanted to thank you for making my 5th Kickstarter game possible, I truly couldn't have done it without your support and I am so grateful for that!

You haven't heard from me for a bit because I wanted to sprint to the end of the year and get all of the UNCORKED GAMES! delivered to you as promised before Christmas! As far as I know every game has been delivered from the original UNCORKED GAMES! that you ordered that were shipped in the days following our successful Kickstarter campaign to the games around the globe that arrived in time to make it under the tree! It has been so encouraging to receive such wonderful notes from you and your kiddos and it warms my heart to know how much you're enjoy ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! If you have a chance to write a review on my Amazon listing that will be a big help so that other families can discover my latest ice cream creation and play too!

I hope your kids fall in love with Scoops our mascot like my niece and nephew have and that this game is a hit for the holidays from the littlest gamers to the strategic competitors in your family! My biggest goal was to create something that brings the whole family together young and old and brings you a bit of joy as we close out 2020! If for any reason you haven't received any of your games yet, just send me a message and I'll ship them out from my Amazon FBA account that same day. There are only a couple of people who didn't fill out the survey and didn't respond to my follow-up email and you'll get your games as soon as I get your address! But I believe everything else has arrived to everyone around the world!

I wish you and your family good health now and into the new year - one that offers new hope on the horizon! Thank you for believing in my game and making it possible to create and now I hope that ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! brings you joy as you play with friends and family! 

Merry Christmas to all, cheers to all your game nights! 

Lars V. Thorn


Send Lars Thorn Your Address To Get Your Games And Order More For 50% Off! Check Your Email For My Survey Through BackerKit!
7 months ago – Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 06:09:38 PM

Check Your Email For My BackerKit Survey For Your Address!

What time is it? It's Game Time! I'm sending out your games starting tonight as soon as I get your shipping address! So just fill out the BackerKit survey that I sent out to you earlier today! It may be in your junk mail folder because it came from a BackerKit email address but it should show my name and the sooner you get your address back to me, the sooner you get to play your UNCORKED GAMES! I'll be fulfilling the 1st 4 UNCORKED GAMES from my Amazon FBA account and they should arrive in the coming week! As for ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM!, that should be completed in October and arrive stateside in November and get to you in December if not sooner! But my original games are shipping out tonight so go ahead and get some additional games as gifts for the holidays especially because they are all 50% OFF! 

This is the best price that we've ever offered for any of our UNCORKED GAMES! and you can get the original 3 party games for just $19.99 or all 3 of them as a party pack for the incredible price of $49.99! That's $70 OFF all 3 or half price off the games individually! Both ice cream games are also just $29.99 which is the lowest price for either of them yet! Remember ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! arrives in time for the holidays and the 4 other games ship out as soon as tonight once you send your address in the survey!

Not only are these great gifts for the holidays, but because you can get them now, you can get an extra copy for a friend and play over Zoom! WHISKEY BUSINESS! can be played as a family game and works well over Zoom especially if you mount another camera phone to capture the action of the dice being rolled. If you're in need of a drink and want enjoy a happy hour with friends, BREW HA HA! & READ BETWEEN THE WINES! are great games to get for your friends so you can play yet and stay social yet from a safe distance and the comfort and safety of your home! 

ICE CREAM EMPIRE is an incredible learning tool for kids especially if they are stuck at home doing distance learning. In fact, it will be the highlight of the day and they won't even realize how much they are learning! Because the game board is literally a map of the United States, they will learn US geography in no time and will always have that picture of the US in their heads throughout their lives! It's also an excellent way to develop speed doing math calculations and teaches the basics of business as our goal with this game is to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs! ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! will arrive before the holidays so Santa will have time to wrap them to make great gifts for the whole family to enjoy!

My wife and I are moving cross country on Wednesday so make sure to complete your survey by Monday at midnight so that I can send the 1st 4 UNCORKED GAMES! out through my Amazon FBA account before I hit the road across the US! International backers will get all of their games shipped together once ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! arrives in the US and those games will all be shipped through my special FedEx account so that they get to you as soon as possible! I've been in daily touch with our manufacturer and the final proof will await my arrival for inspection when I arrive in the Washington, DC area October 5th!

Thank you so much for making this my 5th-straight successful Kickstarter campaign! You'll be able to add on games through BackerKit and update your address on there as well through the survey in your inbox!


Lars V. Thorn


Woohoo We Did It! Now We Can All Scream For ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM!
7 months ago – Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 12:04:52 PM

By that I mean you did it! Thank you to the best backers in the business, all 273 of you made it possible for me to create my 5th game on Kickstarter and now we can all scream for ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM!

I told my manufacturer in China, "Let's Roll!" They have already finalized all of the components and I just approved the box liner and printing plates! They are now starting mass production and are pushing hard to try to complete this phase before their Golden Week & National Day during the first week of October!

Be on the lookout as early as next week for my survey through BackerKit to collect your shipping addresses plus you'll also have the opportunity to buy additional games at a great discount so that you can stock up for the holidays and there's a game for everyone on there! Send your surveys back right away as I'll be fulfilling any of my original 4 games right away and hope to complete that domestically through my Amazon FBA account before the end of September so you can start playing right away! 

We are right on track for everyone to get ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! in time for the holidays and hopefully well before and I can't wait for you to play the new game and enjoy my original collection right away! ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! is really looking great and we had several fun play tests during this year's Strategicon in Los Angeles which was of course all online. 

Thanks so much for your support, your encouragement and generosity which mean the world to me! My greatest joy is being able to creatively cultivate community by bring people together around my games and it takes a community to create them too and for that I am most appreciative to you!

Cheers to you with a cherry on top!

Lars V. Thorn

Founder, Creator, & CEO of 


Woah, We're Halfway There!
8 months ago – Fri, Aug 21, 2020 at 07:44:07 AM

Thanks for Rolling the Dice on ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM!

The ice cream cone is half full! Your support and that of more than 150 others have gotten us to the halfway point in our Kickstarter campaign! In fact, I have enough confidence in our community of support that I just placed the order with our manufacturer to start production of ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! Thanks for being a backer and spreading the word as we work toward reaching our goal and creating another great game!



WOW! What an opening week for ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! Thanks to you and 125 other backers we are already more than 40% to our goal!
8 months ago – Mon, Aug 17, 2020 at 08:00:30 AM

At the conclusion of week one, I am truly touched by your generous support and the encouragement of the whole Kickstarter community! This is my 5th Kickstarter campaign and I think this has been our fastest start yet! Based on our progress it's given me the confidence to start talking to my manufacturer on a daily basis and we will soon start manufacturing ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! so that we can get it to you before the holidays! Better yet, as soon as our Kickstarter campaign concludes and I get your address I'll be able to ship off the additional games that you have ordered from UNCORKED GAMES!

I know the international shipping cost is high and I wish that it didn't cost that much but in years past I've lost a good amount of money on those international orders. I ship everything from the US and between the cost of shipping and the VAT around the world it really ads up, but I appreciate all of our friends around the world understanding that we are making it as cost effective as we can. In fact, one reason that I created several early-bird specials and discounted deals was so that the overall price would be affordable to our loyalist fans overseas! Despite the challenges we are having in the US with the Postal Service being turned into a political football, I still expect we will be able to deliver on time and I have a special FedEx account that will allow me to ship all around the world in record time once I have the games in hand and you should have all of your games before the holidays!

I just celebrated my 43rd birthday in typical gamer fashion with a game night over Zoom with my family in New York and DC and my wife Julia's Family in Colorado and DC! We were able to play the prototype of ICE CREAM YOU SCREAM! and I can confirm several things from the fun experience! First of all you guys are going to have a blast playing whether in person or through Zoom with friends and family everywhere! Secondly you can literally play with kids off all ages from Julia's 3-year-old nephew who loves "Scoops" to my 5-year old niece who loves ice cream (who doesn't)! It is super exciting for gamers of all ages and you should have seen my parents (in their 70's) screaming for ice cream when they won! Plus we've developed some exciting specialty cones rules that we'll be rolling out as we close in on our goal that take the strategy and fun of the game to a whole new level!

Thank you with a cherry on top!


Lars V. Thorn

Founder, Creator, & CEO of UNCORKED GAMES!